# Documentation as blog

What's the point of a blog? I guess it depends on the person, but maybe it's to share your thoughts with the world, or to help learn by teaching others, or simply to use your creative spark. Whatever the purpose is, one thing that I dislike about blogs is they are one-dimensional. You have the post, maybe some links, a small summary of how you learned what you learned, and that's it. I want to see the ugly, the nitty gritty, all the nuggets of information that went into writing that blog. I want to see inside of the brain of the person that wrote it.

When stirring on this, it made me realize, how do companies organize their information? Is it a series of blog posts? No, it's documentation and wikis. It's structured, self-referencing content that builds off of itself. My hope here in the hallway is that anything I write will have its underlying information and my understandings of it outlined with complementary documentation. You can even check the commit history of this site to see how my learnings and misunderstandings of those topics evolved.

Finally, a blog is a static point-in-time representation of knowledge, which is annoying. My goal is that a lot of the underlying information will continue to evolve. Because of this, none of my posts have dates on them. If you are really interested, you can again check the commit history. Otherwise assume my knowledge is constantly changing and the underlying documentation should reflect that.